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Include Us In Your Equity Planning This Summer

Updated: May 22

Summer is the perfect time to plan for your district, school, or organization's equity work during the next school or fiscal year. And we hope you'll include EQUITYedu in your plans; we'd love to cheer along your work however we can.

What We've Been Up To

It's been a while since we posted here but our own equity work has continued in multiple ways since last we wrote. Here are some snapshots of what we've been up to:

How We Can Support Your Equity Work

As you'll see on our Clients page, we work with each organization, district, school, or university uniquely. We listen carefully to you and your goals and design an approach that works in your context. Reach out via our website or our email address to provide us the opportunity to hear about your equity goals.

As you think about advancing equity, consider working with us to offer...

  • Book clubs or reading discusion groups for your staff. We'll curate the reading selections or case studies and facilitate the group conversations.

  • High-quality, interactive, invitational trainings to your staff. We prefer offer our workshops to your staff on an ongoing basis. All of us need multiple opportunities to learn equity and to figure out how our learning applies to our work.

  • Opportunities for educators to be coached within their classrooms. We love visiting classrooms, observing teachers and students, and having supportive, confidential conversations with educators about how they can improve their social justice practices.

  • Strategic planning facilitation and support. Whether working with your leadership, your DEI committee, or your entire staff, we enjoy partnering with organizations and schools to define equity goals and work to achieve them.

We're excited to continue to learn and work with communities like yours!

May your summer be full of learning and growth,

Kevin & Melissa

Image Descriptions: Both images on this page are decorative. The first image is of a colorful beach ball floating on top of pool water. The second image is of a Black woman sitting on a leather couch in front of bookshelves, reading a book.

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