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Our Clients

EQUITYedu provided high-quality consulting and training to improve equity outcomes in these districts, schools, and organizations.

Clients: Clients

Lynn Public Schools

Our projects with LPS have included training for a curriculum team of high school ESL, ELA, and history teachers; ongoing training for a curriculum adoption team of teachers and administrators; the development of a curriculum equity audit tool for the district; and ongoing equity book circle discussions with district-level administrators.

Massachusetts Reading Association

In addition to accepting MRA's invitation to present at their annual conference on the intersections of literacy and equity, we also designed a one-credit course with MRA and Bridgewater State University. The course, "Reading for Change," was attended by 20 educators and administrators from throughout the Commonwealth. Participants chose their own learning modules and designed a Literacy Equity Audit for their final project. We hope to continue to offer the course with MRA and BSU each summer.

Bridgewater-Raynham Public Schools

Our projects within the Bridgewater-Raynham district included the creation, implementation, and data analysis of a school-wide climate survey; a student and teacher school-wide assembly; consultation with district administrators; and advising and supporting the creation of a parent-led non-profit to further equity work throughout the district.

Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services

As part of the Department's ongoing efforts to prioritize equity within their organization, we have designed and facilitated four interactive, virtual webinars intersecting race and disability with other issues of equity. We designed a case study as part of our interactive webinar; participants used the case study to apply their learning to their specific work contexts.

East Bridgewater Middle-Senior High School

EBMSHS administrators called Bridgewater State University to ask for training and support in antiracist teaching and learning. The University recommended us to the school. Our work there included professional development for all teachers, staff, and administrators and multiple meetings with the newly-formed student antiracism group.

East Bridgewater Public Schools

We designed and facilitated a virtual, interactive webinar for district administrators and teachers (K-12) as part of a district-wide professional development day.

Easton Public Schools

Thanks to a partnership between Easton Public Schools and Raising Multicultural Kids, Inc., we were invited to provide ongoing training to multiple stakeholders (administrators, teachers, parents, and students).

TEC Connections Academy (TECCA) Commonwealth Virtual School

We designed and facilitated a virtual, interactive webinar for administrators, teachers, and staff.

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