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What You Can Expect

EQUITYedu uses a developmental approach, encouraging growth in schools and organizations whether you are new to equity or already engaged in the work.


We design our workshops to be welcoming, discussion-centered, and action-oriented; we model for our participants cultural humility and openly share our own biases, histories, and learning.


You can expect carefully-designed, tech-savvy consulting specifically tailored to your organization's growth.

Please reach out for pricing; we make every effort to be affordable. Learn more about our services below.

Ongoing Training or Professional Development

Equity training is most effective when it is ongoing; people learn equity via multiple opportunities to discuss and practice equity in their work. We enjoy working with school districts and organizations via multiple, full-day trainings. This kind of pervasive approach allows us to address multiple issues of equity (racism, homophobism, sexism, ableism, and so on) and to establish brave communities who have the kinds of conversations that bring change.

Virtual or In-Person Workshop

We will customize and create a workshop for you. Need ideas? Previous workshop topics include...

  • Dismantling Our Racial and Other Biases

  • Engaging Communities of Color as Wealthy and Wise

  • Speaking Up: Microaggressions & Hate Speech at Work

  • Infusing Learning Standards for Equity into District & School Curriculum

  • Curriculum Violence: Representation & Racial Trauma in Classrooms

  • Our Kids Attend Racially Segregated Schools: Here's Why It Matters

  • Moving Beyond Good Intentions as We Teach Non-Traditional College Students

  • Aligning Literacy Instruction with Social Justice Standards

  • White Privilege & Authentic Allyship

  • Responding to Microaggressions in our Schools

  • Facilitating Brave Conversations in Our Classrooms


We consult with districts, schools, and organizations to make equity a part of strategic planning, curricular design, and assessment. We specialize in helping districts or organizations identify equity stakeholders, create a team of equity change agents, and make a strategic plan to further the work of equity throughout the organization.

We meet with DEI teams and committees in worksplaces and schools to help design their meetings and extend their reach beyond the committee-level. In addition, we meet with student affinity groups to provide allyship and direction to their work and to facilitate educator-student collaboration.

I really appreciated the breakout room discussions and the learning content equally at this workshop. Being in a small group really helped with our discussion, and the entire workshop experience was much more honest, open, and educational than I had been expecting.

Before the workshop, I'd been having an existential crisis for months about what I can possibly do to make a difference in this awful world; after the workshop I felt better and like I'm at the beginning of a journey to figure that out.

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