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About EQUITYedu

EQUITYedu is a partnership between two professors of education.

Dr. Kevin McGowan and Dr. Melissa Winchell met as new faculty members at Bridgewater State University in 2017. Their shared experiences in urban education and antiracist research and their love of good food, meditation, and conversation made them fast friends.

Kevin McGowan is an associate professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at Bridgewater State University. An early childhood educator with over twenty-five years of experience, Kevin worked as a Pre-Kindergarten/Head Start teacher, mentor teacher, and education manager with the District of Columbia Public Schools. Additional early childhood experiences include assistant director and disabilities specialist for the Alexandria, Virginia Head Start Program and emergent literacy coach for Educational Solutions.

Melissa Winchell is an associate professor in Secondary Education and Educational Leadership at Bridgewater State University. A veteran of Massachusetts urban public education for over twenty years, Melissa worked as a high school English and English as a Second Language teacher, a SEI (Sheltered English Instruction) coach and professional developer, and a professor of writing at an urban community college. Melissa is founder of the non-profit Inclusion Matters, a community activist, and a mom to three children with disabilities.

Since 2019, Kevin and Melissa have been helping school districts and organizations respond to the challenges of implementing equity in their staff training, their curriculum, their hiring, and their strategic planning. As lifelong teachers, we excel at delivering high-quality, impactful, participant-centered training.


We look forward to collaborating with you to advance equity in your school, district, or organization.

Melissa and Kevin gave us actual steps we can take to work on our implicit biases. I am energized and feel empowered!

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